Custom mobile for The Gurule’s

About a month ago I took in to work a mobile I made for my nephew and sister. My friend JG fell in love with it and comissioned one for his wife to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary.

He and I sketched out the mobile and I got to work. It is almost to a T the mobile we sketched out. I spent several weeks putting it together. I came across an obstacle or 2. The cats I originally wanted wouldn’t work with the overall look and the french toast I tried to make just didn’t look like…well, toast. I found creative solutions to move past those obstacles and this is the finished product. I am quite pleased.

The Superman/girl logo turned out 10 times better than I had imagined. 😀 I wish I had taken better pics of this thing. But all in all I am very proud.

I had breakfast with JG & Nicole this morning and delivered the mobile to them. It was an instant hit. We enjoyed breakfast and made plans to make a habit of getting together to enjoy good eats and good conversation.

JG handed me a check for payment of the gift…and it was $20- more than what we agreed. It was a pleasant surprise and quite flattering. I spent about a total of 8 hrs on the project and the Gurules said my time and creativity are worth it. 😀

They want to place an order for a baby mobile for a friend’s baby when they return from their 2nd honeymoon.

After breakfast I went thrifting and came up with a couple of finds. More on those later. All in all, the day so far has been a wonderful Sunday!

Bird in flight

Originally uploaded by Gilkatta.

Here is the bird I made for my friend…well for his baby. I had my heart set on making this bird because of the bird motif on the baby’s nursery walls. And it had to be RED. Red birds are good luck…at least that is what my grandpa always told me. It is a simple creature that I knew the baby would enjoy.

This baby is sooo special and I wanted to give the family a custom piece for the baby’s baptism. It turned out surprisingly well for a first attempt. It hangs on monofiliment (sp?) to appear to be flying if hung near a ceiling fan. He has black bead eyes and embroidered feet on his underbelly. Gil promises more pics. Once he posts them I will be sure to share.