I got this!

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It’s been hard work since January 4th. This is only the beginning. I just need to remember that it’s one day at a time. I got this!


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At my last Weight Watcher weigh in, I was hoping for a 2 lb loss that would take me to my 1st goal of 5%. It was bitter sweet to see a 1.8 lb loss on the scale that morning. I was relieved to see a loss because during the week I experienced some set backs that caused me to consider using my “No Weigh In Pass”. I braved the scale and was rewarded with a loss! I was very happy to face the fear of a no loss week or worse, a weight gain and to step off the scale victorious.The last .2 lbs before achieving my 1st goal have been a good motivator this week.

Much like last week’s meeting topic of finding non-scale ways to judge success and non-scale ways to reward success, I am exploring ways to stay motivated that are not scale related. I’m tracking a bit more, getting a bit more organized and checking my ActiveLink a bit more to keep my self on course.

One of my previous attempts at WW, I attended a meeting that spoke about anchoring success with something tangible. Our meeting leader handed us a glass bead and walked us through anchoring a success or a goal to that bead to remind us of our hard work and the hard work ahead of us. The following week we received another bead. This continued over the next several weeks until we each had a small collection of beads. It was exciting to see our progress before our eyes. I felt accomplished even on days when the scale did not reflect the hard work I felt I put in that week.

I decided to use that anchoring tactic this go round and decided to put my 4-Week WW Key Chain to use. That was my first anchor of success. I stuck with the program for 4 weeks and I am still at it…and losing too! I purchased a simple charm bracelet (the bead kind) at Wal-Mart. It is a simple bangle by Hallmark that has a spring hinge that you can add beads to. I added the charm from the keychain by attaching it to a dangle bead. I added a rinestone bead next to it to anchor my 1st 10 lb loss. The bracelet came with a charm that is engraved “Celebrate Life” on the front, and “One moment at a time.” on the back. Fitting for this journey, my celebration of life.

I purchased several other beads and stored them on the keyring from the WW Charm. These are my next goals. The Wonder Woman charm on the far left will live on my bracelet after I reach my 1st 5% goal! The rest will follow in 10 lb beads followed by a big pink bead at 50 lbs. I intend on adding to the bracelet for more milestones. Watch out world, here I come!