Remembering Daddy

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It’s amazing how quickly a year can go by. After my dad passed away, I started working on a photobook. I found this title page today while looking for a picture of him to post.

Greenish Thumb

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My bulbs are sprouting and they grow so quickly. I was worried nothing would sprout. I feared I killed them this winter. My little friends seem pretty happy.

Kiwi Chanel turns 1

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My sweet Maltipoo, Kiwi Chanel, turns 1 today. She is such a sweet dog with a big personality. I can’t wait to celebrate this weekend with a trip to the barkery for some treats and a new stuffed animal/baby.


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My 2nd little prince of a nephew, my cocopuff, is four. We had his birthday party last night and had fun celebrating this little monkey. I remember staying with my sister the first couple of evenings after he was born. It was a special moment those first couple of days having the baby all to myself while she slept. Mine! All mine! But now I have to share him but that is ok. He is fearless and funny and kind. My heart is full because of this little guy and his big brother. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Spring 2013

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I’m notorious for constant website updating. For years I have not committed to a web design and liked it. With the most recent theme change, I think I’ve found something I actually like. I just need to put a touch of color. I found a color scheme I am in love with thanks to I love to visit her blog for color inspiration. I look forward to customizing my page. This time I am trying to post as I go. Wsh me luck.