Blast From the Past

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The Jellybean has a new found interest in my vintage Fisher Price Little People collection. I have a thrift store schoolhouse and the ferris wheel from my childhood. He begged to play with the ferris wheel that I keep on the top of my bookshelf. I made him pinky swear to follow a long list of rules before I let him play with it. (Does that make me a bad aunt?)

He was playing with the few little people I have in my collection and asked why I didnt have one that looked like him. My heart melted. I wanted nothing more than than to grant his every wish of having a Little Person that looks like him. He curled up on my lap and we scrolled through pages of Etsy and Ebay pages and found one! I marked it as my favorite on Etsy and promised to place the order Friday morning when I got to the office. That bought me some time to try to find one locally.

The next morning I did the obligitory Craigslist search and found a Fisher Price Airport from the 80s! I spoke with the seller and discovered that she is a HUGE collector who not only had the airport, she had the figure I was searching for too! And to top it off, she threw in TWO little boy figures, an adult figure, a mini bus and a merry-go-round for free! After picking everything up, I went home feeling like I just robbed a bank.

The Jellybean was so excited when I gave him the figure that he sat it next to him at lunch and served it an over sized home fry. It was the cutest thing how he bit the fry in half when I was not looking and then quickly pointed out the Little Person was full.

After lunch I surprised Jellybean with the remainder of the Craigslist jackpot. He was completely surprised. He would have been happy and grateful just to have the little guy that looked like him; now he had his very own airport to go with it. A Little People village was quickly assembled in the living room on the coffee table. My nephew spent the afternoon in his own world. It was so refreshing to see the imagination of a child breathing new life into vintage toys. In this digital age of ipads and video games, it is comforting to know that the best playstation is still a child’s imagination.

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