Getting it together

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I apologize for being M.I.A. for so long. I’ve been taking a long break and I am trying to get my life back together. I’ve been crafting but nothing note worthy to share. In the coming months I am preparing to make a life transition and will be moving back out on my own. Mom & Dad are selling their house and by October we all will be moving to new homes.

Today I officially started my home search…apartment search. I may have found the perfect place. Not going to jinx it but send me good ju-ju and thoughts and prayers for the next week. I really need the stars to align. Once I sign on the dotted line with my John Hancock, the details will be posted here immediately.

I found the best realtor in town. His name is Will Bingham and works with Urban Square Realty. If you are looking to move in Austin or move TO Austin, you have to call this guy up. He called me back right of way when looking for a place and carted my happy ass to Starbucks and all over town and was a delight to work with. I just wanted to NOT like every apartment he showed me just so I could hang out with him but that would have been stalkerish huh? LOL J/K but he was a delight to work with. Never pressured me nor did he try to show me places that did not match what I was looking for. With a single phone call he was able to find what I was looking for. In the next week we shall see what the universe has in store for me. So I highly recommend this guy for all your needs. Looking for a home? Call Will. Looking for an apt? Call Will. Looking to list your home? Call Will.

You get the idea. I am a big fan…

Peace, love and good juju!

Will Bingham - Urban Squared Realty

Will Bingham - Urban Squared Realty

My First Alter

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My friend Brenda’s last day was Friday. I altered my 1st journal for her going away present. Unfortunately, this is the only pic I snagged of it. I took inspiration from the fabulous journal my best friend, Reyanna, gave me for my birthday. I am so happy how it turned out.


  • Moleskin sketch journal (no lines)
  • Basic Grey Urban Prairie
  • Stampin’ Up Scallop Square Punch
  • American Crafts Chipboard Embellishments
  • Small yellow clip from my childhood
  • Modge Podge finish

A Happy Hiatus

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Sorry all for the lack of posts and projects. I’ve been on a small hiatus. I promise to be back soon with some of my latest works. :) Until then, here are some recent pics from Valentines and the other day at work. LOL

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Growing Pains

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There were a couple of issues in the 2.7 Worpress update. The Gallery page lost its formatting. My apologies it is formatted all wonky. I am working to get it back to normal. Wish me luck

Work In Progress

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I’ve been trying hard to get back into the swing of things. I promise. I’ve been battling with organizing the studio and the studio is winning. LOL

I am about 80% complete in the Studio overhaul and I am excited to get back to crafting. That is my New Year’s Resolution, to get back to what makes me happy.

After I tackle the studio, my next challenge is updating the site. WordPress has released several versions and my Plug-Ins are in dire need of updating too. I apologize in advance for any down time the site may experience as it goes through the updating growing pains.

So I am off to take the rest of the studio project and then off to nerdy girl coding world I go. Wish me luck.

My Jellybean

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My nephew is growing up so fast. Here is a recent picture of us. I call him Jellybean and he calls me Coco. I’ve never known a love like this. He is our world and brings happiness to our family. We are truly blessed.