Banner for Baby (@ 2am)

Banner for baby (@ 2am)

Tomorrow is the last day before one of my co-worker’s maternity leave. I made this banner for the baby out of scrapbook paper, stiff felt and ribbon. I zig zagged the edges with my sewing machine for a finishing touch, they are actually attached to the cicles with iron on adhesive.

the lighting was all funky when I took this pic. It is too late in the nite to mess with the lighting. View large On Black for a better look.

*Ignore the mess on the shelf. i am working on the studio and have not set up the shelf yet. he he he

Cooking With Love

cooking with love

mom had some really ripe bananas and we decided to make some banana nut muffins. We put on grandma’s old aprons and whipped up a batch. It was really nice cooking muffins with my mom like when I was a kid.

while the muffins were baking up, I thumbed through my new cookbook. It is a reproduction of the 1953 BHG Junior Cook book. EXACT replica. I think I found what I will be collecting next, vintage children’s cookbooks. I have the one from my childhood. It’s a great start.

The muffins turned out moist and the pecans are delicious. The recipe was missing a lil cinnamon though. It was the simplest recipe we could find online with the ingredients we had on hand. Next time we’ll add some secret ingredients. 🙂

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New Business Cards

YAY! I finally received my business cards! Fabulous Stationary has the most wonderful designs. They sell these as personal calling cards. I couldnt resist ordering them as business cards.

I was using Moo cards as my business cards. They are conversation startes because of their unique size and I could use pictures of my own work on the back. HOWEVER, I’ve joined a few Young Professional groups and facilitate a Craft Sellers meetup group so I wanted a lil something on the more professional side for when I am networking.

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