Creativity Comeback

My deepest apologies for being M.I.A. for such a long while. It’s been about a 6 month hiatus. I originally took time off to recover from surgery and it lead into taking more time off because my daytime job was wearing me out. Then it lead into me moving. I am now settled into the new house and I am working on setting up my new work studio.

My studio. Pure inspiration. I am so excited. The inspirations are coming back. I am working on several projects to get my site back up and running. Please forgive me if from time to time my blog is on the fritz. I am fighting with my site host to fix a ton of things as I update my site. I’m trying to move my blog from blogger to my site. 🙁 NIGHTMARE!!!

I APOLOGIZE TO THOSE WHO VISITED MY SITE WHILE IT WAS IN HACKED STATUS. For those who did not experience this, my site was hacked and was auto directing people to PORN! Being on hiatus I don’t know how long it was in this state. Slowly but surely things are getting back to normal.

I hope to have more updates real soon now that I have my studio set up and internet installed. Miss you all tons!

Wish me luck!