Square One

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I designed and created a fun book cover for my new journal. I joined Weight Watchers again and need to make it fun or I will get bored. The journal is not hardcover and will not last the full 3 months with everyday use. So in order for it to last the 3 months I decided to make a little cover for it.

The old version of the journal used to fit in my day runner. They changed the journal to be a little more modern looking. I guess they want to target a younger demographic. But it is square now. Boooo. My day runner isn’t square so I had to come up with a new cover for it. It is a 3 month journal and it won’t last past 1 because I carry everything in my purse. I don’t want it to fall apart. So I designed a cover for the journal.I like how it turned out. 😀

I bought a point calculator. I soooo wanted one of these the 1st time around but they were only available overseas. So yay! I have one but hate the WW logo on everything. So being the crafty diva that I am decided to glue buttons on the calculator which makes it look more like a compact.

I know this is only 1/2 crafty. But I am back at square one and wanted to share with everyone my new journey. 😀

Wish me luck!

Great Minds Swap Alike

I received my last swap for Jan/Feb. It was a newbie swap for stationary, note cards, post cards, etc. We had a list to choose from and we choose 3 to send. I received my packages this week. I was so happy to open them.

I opened the package Mandy sent from Canada. She sent THE cutest note cards. they look like little windows with green shutters and you can see a little note hanging in the window. Too cute. I fell in love with the crane note pad she included. I couldn’t wait to open the next package that Danni sent me.

I opened it and
it was all wrapped up in a cute polka dot tissue paper. I love love love the note cards, vellum stickers and post it notes with dainty lil hearts on em…and to my surprise, a SECOND crane note pad.

What are the odds? Two totally different parts of the world. Two totally different people. 😀 Thanks ladies. Ya’ll rock!

I signed up for 2 swaps for March. One is a top itunes CD swap (easy breezey) and a mobile swap. The mobile swap is going to be a challenge. I have it planned in my head. I need to get on the ball and plan it on paper and get started with making it. Too much fun!

I’m off to do some planning.

Wish me luck!

Pincushion Swap

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I received my pincushion yesterday from the pincushion swap on Swap-Bot. It arrived in a ver large box, too big for a pincushion. I opened it and in it were 2 cute boxes almost the size of a square tissue box. they both had an adorable knitted cupcake pincushion, ribbon, scissors and a seam ripper. One was purple and the other red. i was confused. “Were we supposed to send 2 to out partner?” I started to feel a lil guilty for only sending one.

I read the enclosed note that said the extra one was for my sister, Suzy. OMG! How freakin’ nice is that? I don’t even emember bloggin about her. Gigi must have read my blog top to bottom or something. I was sure to leave Gigi an excellent rating.

Thank you Gigi! I love it.

*picture above is only of the one I kept. Suzy kept the red one. I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of it. Sorry.

Bright Eyed Blythe

Blythe Originally uploaded by SewcialButterfly
This didnt turn out quite like I wanted, but I tried my best to process this picture. I set up a makeshift light tent. I want to post more product to my Etsy shop and want pics that look a lil more professional than just some picture I took on the self healing mat on my desk. For a first attempt I am pretty satisfied. I want to learn more on photo processing.
Blythemobile Originally uploaded by SewcialButterfly
I took out my mini Blythe and snapped a few pics. I love this lil car I found for her. She even has a mini dollhouse in the backseat. LOL Of the test pics I like this one the most. I still have a lot to learn about taking pictures and lighting. I’m just so excited to learn. 😀

Once I get the time and money, I hope to make a light tent that is a bit more versatile. It isn’t expensive but I have a ton of other projects on the horizon. Oh so many projects and still not enough time. 🙁

From my hands to yours

I received all 3 swaps from the Swap-Bot.com‘s From my hands to yours swap. I received 3 very awesome handmade items. The 1st I received is the above pictured pin. It is made of felt, tulle, lace, feathers, and a heart made from a vinyl LP. I think that heart ROX and would LOVE to know how she made it. It came from Canada. The envelope was a collage of Lindsey Lohan magazine clippings. I’m not a big Lindsey fan but think the envelop is a work of art…front and back.

The next item I received was a hand crocheted dish wash cloth. I’ve read about these nifty cloths in my crochet magazines and on the net. I’ve tried to study it. My sister and I tried to learn how to crochet and hope to make something this amazing some day.

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It came with a sweet handmade bookmark too. I love the embossed stamp and the heart shaped buttons. I love love love me some buttons. 😀 This is another item from Canada. Two swaps from Canada. Reminds me of the pen pal that would send me stickers when I was a child.

The last item I received is an awesome sock monkey. I opened the package and was excited to get a sock monkey but saw this wooden something or other. Did it have a bat?

Klein Henszlein Originally uploaded by SewcialButterfly

Nope. It was a PEG LEG! I almost squeeled with glee to get such a unique gift. I cannot wait to take pics of him in the backyard. I will post more pics of him this weekend, weather permitting. I passed this lil guy around the office and everyone wanted to take him home. He has an eye patch with a lil embroidered ‘X’ where his eye should be. He has a hoop earring too. I could just die! All he needs is a sock parrot to complete the look.

He came with a tag around its neck that reads:
Klein Henszlein A german pirate who raided ships in the north sea, until his capture and beheading in Hamburg.
I thought this was imaginary until I read the enclosed card that told me that Klein Henszlein was a real pirate. TOO COOL! I exchanged emails with the designer and thanked her. She is a pretty awesom gal that I hope to stay in touch with. Thanks Julie!

This was fun. I hope to do another soon.

Wish me luck!

Story of my life

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Oh how I love you Swap-Bot. Oh how you make my day when I get mail in my mailbox.

I joined a CD swap called Story of my life. I recieved one of my CD’s today. I didn’t get a chance to listen to it during the day but I popped it in my CD player in my car and was hoping for a surprise. Almost EVERY song on the CD had me screaming and dancing and singing like a fool. I didn’t care who saw me. I got home, raced up the stairs and popped it in the computer to finish listening. This CD made me laugh. it made me reminice on my own memories and made me cry. I am so glad I joined this swap after receiving this CD from Ordinaryangel.

It’s a special thing to share your life with others and I think in song is the perfect way to do it. I never thought about OTHER people having memories to some of my favorite songs. It never crossed my mind, even as I was making my own CDs to swap. It wasn’t until I realized this as I was reading Kelly’s list of memories.

I can’t wait to get my other CD. I joined 2 other swaps and will post pics once I receive them all.

I’m off to design a mobile for my next swap.

Wish me luck!