Petite Blythe…a day for celebration

I have to admit I have been sucked into the world that is Blythe. I’ve searched the pages of ebay, www, & flickr trying to decide which one I want. Although the price has me cringing, the endless ides keep me excited.

I eventually will get a 12″ model. If I am going to spend that much money, I want to make sure it’s one that I want. In the meantime, I’ve ventured into the world of Petite Blythe dolls.

I am partial to dark haired dolls. Found this cutie and could not resist. Only after purchasing her did I find a hawaiian one just as cute from the same seller. I shall be purchasing her in 2 paychecks. He he he.

It’s sad when you are planning your next doll purchase (fix) around your paydays. I love her and she is sitting on my monitor here at work. I cannot wait until I get a chance to make her some clothes.

Wish me luck

Bird in flight

Originally uploaded by Gilkatta.

Here is the bird I made for my friend…well for his baby. I had my heart set on making this bird because of the bird motif on the baby’s nursery walls. And it had to be RED. Red birds are good luck…at least that is what my grandpa always told me. It is a simple creature that I knew the baby would enjoy.

This baby is sooo special and I wanted to give the family a custom piece for the baby’s baptism. It turned out surprisingly well for a first attempt. It hangs on monofiliment (sp?) to appear to be flying if hung near a ceiling fan. He has black bead eyes and embroidered feet on his underbelly. Gil promises more pics. Once he posts them I will be sure to share.

Ribbon Bracelet

Ribbon Bracelet Originally uploaded by Sewcial Butterfly

I’ve been wanting to make this bracelet for a long time. This is the prototype. I wasn’t quite sure how the felt would work for the embroiderying. The next bracelet I make, I will use more contrasting colors for the name plate. The green is kinda lost on the dark orange.

None the less I love it cuz I made it all by myself. I am thinking of posting this on my Etsy account. I have another bracelet in my head that I hope to make this week.

Wish me luck!

WIP: Red Bird

WIP: Red Bird
Originally uploaded by SewcialButterfly

I bought a great dutch feltcraft book at half price for my birthday. I paid WAY too much for it but had to have it for a couple of the projects it has. One in particular is this bird project.

I want to make this bird for a friend of mine. I think it will be appreciated. A lil thank you for his support of Sewcial Butterfly. I hope the finished project is how I am picturing it in my head. I’ll be hand sewing the whole thing. eeek!

I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

Wish me luck!