The countdown to the new year has started and I am preparing to have a great nite at my sisters. This is my last post of 2007 and want to thank everyone for visiting and for making my 2007 a creative and successful year.

What started as a flickr account to share my craft projects has blossomed into a craft website, Etsy shop, tons of crafty friends and being published. I have a ton of ideas for 2008 and plan to make a trip to a major craft fair.

To help raise funds for my crafty trip, I will need to beef up shop updates. I have 2 updates coming up in the next couple of weeks. I just updated the shop last nite with the following:

Sew on the Go
sewing kits

As featured in the Lark Publication “Pretty Little Pincushions”, Sew on the Go sewing kits.

These traveling kits can go where you go and serve you on the fly with a tube the perfect size for buttons, needles, thread, and a custom-made, pop-out pincushion.

Novelty Straight Pin Toppers

I enjoy antiquin with my mom. yeserday I thrifted 4 pair of vintage plastic Barbie shoes & 1/2 a dozen mini plastic grenades at my local antique center. I couldn’t resist turning them into novelty straight pin toppers. It was a ton of fun. I found a new passion.

When I spotted the package of shoes I knew I had to buy them. It wasn’t until I spotted the grenades that I knew what I was going to do with them. Look for more novelty straight pin toppers in 2008.

That is it for the last 2007 updates. Look for a website redesign in the next month or so as well. Be sure to go out and buy Pretty Little Pincushions for your craft library.

Happy New Year’s my dear friends. See you again in 2208!

Invitation to all to help me celebrate our friendship

Invitation to all to help me celebrate our friendship
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I have decided to order a custom calendar from iPhoto services. My friend ordered one for our calendar exchange here at work and it is of super high quality.

So i decided, I too will order one. It won’t make it in time for Xmas but hope I can make it for the begining of the new year.

BUT, I don’t want just ANY calendar! I want to celebrate my onile friendships. A little something to keep me motivated throughout the year.

So this is a call to all my craftiverse friends: if you would like to join in the fun, send me a batch of pics to include in my calendar. Specify any special dates like birthday’s, craft company important dates like shows or anniversaries. Simply email the highest resolution you have of the pics you would like to include to amy@sewcialbutterfly.com. Please indlude in your email that you give me permission to use your pic if it has been published on flicker with rights reserved. 🙂 I am not limited to just 12 pics, i have 365 days and up to 7 pics for the month page + the cover page for a grand total of up to 450 pictures. 🙂

I will order 2 calendars and after I get them, i will hold a raffle of all participants and draw a name to receive one of these lucky calendars. 🙂

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please either email me or leave a comment.

Love you all.

Celebration & Motivation

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How extatic am I? We finally received our mailbox key yesterday. Amazing how much junk mail accumulates! But in that sea of to-be-recycled paper was a pleasant surprise. My blood, sweat & tears materialized…Pretty Little Pincushions. 🙂

This is all so surreal. I’ve slept on it and it still does not feel real yet.

More to come as it all sinks in.

Creativity Comeback

My deepest apologies for being M.I.A. for such a long while. It’s been about a 6 month hiatus. I originally took time off to recover from surgery and it lead into taking more time off because my daytime job was wearing me out. Then it lead into me moving. I am now settled into the new house and I am working on setting up my new work studio.

My studio. Pure inspiration. I am so excited. The inspirations are coming back. I am working on several projects to get my site back up and running. Please forgive me if from time to time my blog is on the fritz. I am fighting with my site host to fix a ton of things as I update my site. I’m trying to move my blog from blogger to my site. 🙁 NIGHTMARE!!!

I APOLOGIZE TO THOSE WHO VISITED MY SITE WHILE IT WAS IN HACKED STATUS. For those who did not experience this, my site was hacked and was auto directing people to PORN! Being on hiatus I don’t know how long it was in this state. Slowly but surely things are getting back to normal.

I hope to have more updates real soon now that I have my studio set up and internet installed. Miss you all tons!

Wish me luck!

Site under construction

Sewcial Butterfly
is currently under contruction. I started playing with site design this weekend. As a result, the graphics on my blog went M.I.A. as a result of deleting a folder off my server. DOH!

I updated my main page last nite. It was the spring color scheme. I decided I wanted something different for summer.

So I was playing around with some new photoshop brushes and came up with a new site design. Over the next week, all my pages (including my SB Myspace which missed the last update) will be transfered over to the new color scheme.

Wish me luck!