A day for celebrating

“Good news and bad news” is how Nicole started the email. My heart sank and fluttered at the same time in anticipation. I read on. Bad news is that the pincushion bracelet did not make the book because a different bracelet was considered. Fair enough.

Good news is my plush pincushion AND sewing kit made the cut. The only catch is that instead of a turtle they would like to see a Porcupine and a different color bottle for the sewing kit.

New Sewing Kit Originally uploaded by SewcialButterfly

So I am super stoked and ready to do some revisions. If my final products are approved I am looking at being a published crafter and will be on my way to a successful start. Maybe 2006 won’t be such a terrible year after all. LOL

I’m off to start making the changes requested. Look for plenty of updates on these projects.

Wish me luck!

More buttons…

More buttons…
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Becky & I went on a crafting crusade to Wally World last nite after dinner. I made my routine pilgrimage to the craft isle. Something colorful caught my eye…buttons!!! Glorious buttons!!!! It was the same brand that I bought last time but it had a ton of colors. So I snagged up the 2 with the cutest buttons. At a buck fiddy each I wanted to buy all 5 LOL.

I get them home and start my ritualistic sorting of the colors. I take out my box of buttons and realize I have out grown this box and need a large box. My thread box calls my name because I have out grown the thread box too. After a lil rearanging I start filling up each compartment.

It was hard but finally made a big step. I mixed my old and new buttons. I’d kept the new buttons segregated from my grandmother’s buttons. It was hard, I sat and debated for 30 seconds if I really wanted to but finally decided to do it.

it may sound silly but having my grandmother’s buttons was really special to me. No more bulk button buying for me for a while. Only special buttons for specific projects.

Now I’m off to make some new pojects so I can use up these buttons so I can buy more….wish me luck!

Sewcial Butterfly Vector Logo

Sewcial Butterfly Logo
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I’ve been wanting and NEEDING to get my logo in vector form. I want to add it to a lot of things, sew in labels to name one. I posted a plea in a Flickr group for help. I have no time to learn illustrator and be efficient enough to create what I am looking for. So I posted a pic of the SB pin and this is what one kind soul was able to do for me. Daniel Semper came to my rescue. And I am forever grateful. Now I can send it to my label contact and get that ball rolling.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I was browsing the Susan G Komen Foundation website and found this year-round fundraiser and wanted to share. I want to make some Pink ribbons and sell them to donate to the Susan B Komen Foundation whether it be in OCt or not, I plan to do it.

Please share this website with someone you love.

God Bless.

More than the color for breast cancer awareness, pink represents the promise between two sisters to find a cure for breast cancer. That promise started the Komen Foundation and ignited the passion of millions to create a world without breast cancer. Are you passionate?

Passionately Pink for the Cure™ is a new, year-round fundraising and education program kicking off October 1, 2006, in conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The program encourages companies, schools and organizations to take that promise, make it their own, and make a difference by supporting breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment.

Breast cancer touches millions of lives. It is expected that 211,200 women and 1,720 men in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 41,000 people will die from breast cancer in 2006 alone. One by one, we can make a difference! Passionately Pink for the Cure™ is an easy, creative program we hope will have everyone seeing pink everywhere you look, every day in October, encouraging millions of people nationwide to get involved in the promise for the cure. We hope to raise $10 million through the Passionately Pink for the Cure™ program with your help.