She’s Crafty

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I decided to try out a new pattern. It’s a vintage pattern that I shrunk down to make a 7″ tall doggie. A few techniques I still need to master. I’m hoping to get some tips at the next COC meeting. Hope to sell these little guys in all kinds of colors on my new etsy site. He really has a sweet face. Love the modern eyes and nose on this vintage pattern. Some people prefer buttons and appliques. I am still experimenting to find my own techinques. And like a true Penny Pal this little guy has a plastic trademark penny sewn to his buttom. 😀

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A few pics of Blue Dog. Played with his ears… a la Hungry. Keep an eye out for more of these lil guys. 😀

Beam me up Scottie!

Love the Scottie patter found at I decided to Download and make one for the lady I met at the antique mall.

I am most proud of that lil flower found on his neck. I used a felting tool that afixed the flower to the toy. Made a very cool effect. 😀

Having so much fun crafting. Who needs a therapist when you have crafts? Wanna see more of my life in pics, visit my Flickr account.

Desk and treasures

Yea me. I finally finished my desk..well the construction faze at least. Took me a week longer than I planned but it’s finished damn it. Ran across lots of little obstacles that added to the extension of the finish date but I did it myself. I have to thank my dad for letting me help him build stuff in the garage when I was a little gilr. And for dragging me to my now fave store Home Depot. LOL After a week it is still standing (errr, rolling, it has wheels) so he must have taught me a thing or 2 correctly.

I’ve been searching the net and retail stores high and low for patterns or inspiration for the plushies I want to start to make. I’ve found a few patterns and then I found a book at Hobby Lobby that looks promising. Today I went into work for a lil OT the ended up being very little. One hour vs the planned 5. I took a detour to an antique mall and started digging in the book shelves of this one booth that had a sale going on. I told myself I had no choice but to buy stuff because HEY it’s on sale. I started thumbing through the post cards (I’m looking for a vitage postcard with a butterfly on it) and then turned to the bookshelves behind me. I found a ton of treasures (pics to come) I was buying it all sight unseen because they were packaged in plastic and didn’t want to be the type of person to open it and then end up not buying it. LOL So sight unseen I bought a few “papergoods” as the lady behing the counter called em. I even went through 100+ sewing patterns in booth 916 & 310 LOL. As I was paying I asked to leave a message for the owners of these 2 booths and the 310 owner was still there. We exchanged greetings and contact info. She offered to put my plushies in her booth if I wanted. She is going to keep an eye out for me for some vintage toy patterns too.

So today was pretty productive. Sorry for the long entry. I’ll try to post more often smaller posts in the future.

P.S. A friend of a friend drew up a banner for my blog. My friend Candy is going to make me one too and another for my Etsy acct. I just might end up making it myself. With that said my blog might be headerless for a bit.


I want to redesign/customize my blog but I am having such a hard time because the actual drawing part is difficult for me. I am creative but not too artistic. I have a vision of what I want but when I try to put on paper what I want it turns out to look like a 10 year olds drawing. Will I ever get any of these projects off the ground?